Marriage Suitability (Nissuin)

The Talmud in Tractate Kiddushin 6a writes whoever is not well versed in the laws of marriage and divorce should not undertake to perform the marriage ceremony.

It is interesting to note that the Shulchan Aruch Even Hoezer section 49 writes that the main area of concern was that perhaps through a lack of knowledge inadvertently the Rabbi may perform a wedding ceremony for a couple who are prohibited to marry. Resulting in offspring that would have the status of mamzeirim.

A Rabbi must first ascertain that the groom and the bride are both of the Jewish faith. (see tab Certificate of Jewish Identity). However once this has been established that not necessarily means that the couple are permitted to marry al pi halacha according to Jewish Law.

Verification of Jewish Status

  • A letter from an orthodox rabbi that is well acquainted with your family and who can confirm that you are Jewish
  • A copy of your parent's Ketuba
  • Any other documents or items that can confirm your Jewishness (examples would be a diploma from a Jewish day school, grandparents' burial records from a Jewish cemetery, pictures of tombstones or letters from family members describing Jewish practices, among other things)
  • If any of your siblings have been married in an orthodox ceremony a copy of their Ketuba

Verification of Single Status

  • I will need notarized letters from two friends. The letter should contain the following information.
  • How long the friend has known you
  • That the friend knows that you are single and have never been married
  • The friend's address
  • The friend's telephone number
  • We require these 2 letters to be notarized - it is insufficient for them just to be signed. Please also bear in mind that we may call the individuals who write your letters to follow up.

Marriage Authorization Form

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Family Information

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